Introducing our 2024 collection, “Equations in Africa,” a captivating homage to the interplay of line, shape, and form. Drawing inspiration from the captivating journey of “Ntondo,” the majestic golden elephant of House of Kier, during his travels across Southern, Eastern, and Northern Africa.

Crafted by the visionary Principal, Trystin Kier Francis, exclusively for the Bergdorf Goodman Art Exhibition in collaboration with the Kaleidoscope Project, this collection is a fusion of art and functionality. Imbued with intricate geometric designs, each of the four dessert plates is a masterpiece meticulously set on the finest Bone China.

At the heart of each plate lies the enchanting presence of Ntondo, surrounded by captivating geometric patterns that eloquently communicate the essence of line, shape, and form. Each plate offers a unique sensory experience, inviting you to indulge in the artistry of dining.

Experience the allure of “Equations in Africa” and elevate your dining experience with this exceptional collection.

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