Saint Prix-Logo

Cafe Saint Prix is a love letter to the heritage and ancestry of the House of Kier. "Saint Prix" was one of Trystin's great-grandfathers on his father's side. Saint Prix was born into slavery along with his mother "Parfaite" and brother "Auguste" on "l’habitation Case Navire", a slave plantation on the island of Martinique in the French West Indies. This modern Cafe offers up a mix of imported coffees, pastries, hot-pressed sandwiches, and a mélange of other savory and decadent treats. It's the perfect environment to meet someone, connect with friends, and simply relax and experience our culture.

Our Brand Hunting Luxury

Hunting Luxury (HL) is our design showroom and studio currently in development. HL will offer our clients a product line that includes a mix of reclaimed furnishings beautifully reimagined and in most cases restored by our team of talented artisans and craftsmen. We will also offer a hand-selected assortment of the finest home goods and accent decor all of which are procured by our designers.

Our Brand Kier Luxury

The Kier Luxury Group (KLG) consists of our growing real estate investment and development brand. The KLG brand will consist of boutique single-family residences, boutique luxury hotels, resorts, and our country club concept.

Our Brand SoundView Media

Soundview Media is the home of original content and storytelling. We produce original scripted and unscripted content in different cultural genres on various multimedia platforms. Our focus is to tell the stories of the voiceless, underrepresented, disenfranchised, and marginalized peoples of the world. Our stories are told through the arch of our imagination, amplified by the sound of our characters, and captured through the view of our lens.

For more information go to SoundView Media Website.


Boulin & Barray is our Architecture, Interior Design, and luxury design and development company focused exclusively on designing, managing, and developing client- and company-based projects.