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is a design, lifestyle, and content-creation brand.

Our brand is divided into three practice groups which encompass our Design Practice Studio focused on Architecture and Interior Design, a Lifestyle Practice that includes retail and dining brands in development, and our Content Creation practice comprised of our media and production company focused on the development of original scripted and unscripted works.


Toll Free: 833.305.8885
Design Service Areas: Atlanta, Southern Connecticut, Los Angeles, New York City, Washington, DC, and the islands of the Eastern Caribbean.  *Available to travel for international projects beyond the Caribbean.


Oprah says there's love in the details. As a design and lifestyle company we could not agree more. From our initial discovery call through the final installation, we take pride in ensuring every detail is delivered. Below is an outline of our core services which expand into other areas of our business to include our subsidiary brands and external partners which is based on your service needs. We have the great pleasure of working with various artisans and craftsman on our team and in other industries, thus we are equipped with the expertise to dream up a magical outcome. Our number one goal is turn your lifestyle into luxury.



Strategic Planning Phase:

We will facilitate discussions with you regarding what you are seeking to achieve in order to gain clarity as a means of approaching an effective design concept suitable for your lifestyle.


Conceptual Development Phase:

The conceptual development phase is informed by step one which requires planning out our design with you simply by gaining knowledge of your goals and outcomes for the project. Once we arrive at a concept our design team can begin developing a design which takes place in Step three of our design process.


Design Development Phase:

The design development phase is simple. We are literally developing a design for presentation and approval to you the client. Once we finalize the design we can begin sourcing materials, FF&E, art, etc. to install and complete your project. In some cases where renovations are involved this timeline will look very different. We must take into consideration what's required for construction based on the type of construction and renovation required to complete your project. We believe in timelines and production schedules which are essential to maintain proper organization and moves the project along seamlessly.


Construction Documentation Phase:

This phase would only be implemented for projects requiring minor to major renovations. We believe in building permits, adhering to building codes, and following OSHA Safety standards. We will not take on your construction project if you state or believe permits are not required. That's an immediate red flag for us and we will not work with you. Please also beware almost every project involving construction and renovation will require a Project Manager, GC, Architect, Structural Engineer, and an MEP.


Construction Maintenance & Administration Phase:

This step works hand in hand with step four. The difference is we implement this step once all permits and project approvals are obtained. This step literally manages the entire project from OSHA Compliance, Adherence to local and international building codes, demolition, site clearing (if applicable), rough-in, close-in, site inspections, and final finishes.


Installation and Close-out:

The final installation of all building materials, FF&E, etc. represents the final phase of the project. Typically for construction projects a punch list is involved with a 15% payment withholding of contractor's final payment balance to ensure all punch list items are addressed before the client signs off on the final work project completion document.